Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Stan Saeger, and I live in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, (about 40 miles north of Philadelphia). I got started in vintage radios when my son bought this radio at a flea market. When he got it home, he plugged it in (the wrong thing to do - have it checked out first!), and it hummed. He and his grandfather looked in the phone book and found a repair shop across the Delaware River in New Jersey. A few weeks later they picked it up and it worked fine. Hmm. I wonder what the repairman did? I removed the chassis and was immediately facinated by what I saw. That was the beginning of a hobby that occupies most of my free time. I collect, repair and restore nearly any type of tube radio that catches my eye. I am an active member member of the Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club which hosts the semi-annual Kutztown Radio Show.

Q: I have Grama's old tube radio. I wonder if it works? Should I plug it in?
A: Resist the temptation. Old radios have components (resistors and capacitors) which deteriorate over time and can fail. Their failure can result in damage to more expensive and difficult to find parts, such as transformers and coils. Have someone knowledgable inspect the radio.

Q: About Grama's radio . . . what's it worth?
A: An impossible question along the lines of "What is my old car worth? (Is it a 1964 Ford Mustang convertible in mint condition or a 1974 Plymouth with 200,000 miles on it?). Most old radios are inexpensive, (part of what makes collecting them a great hobby). If you feel you have something special, check eBay for completed sales of the same radio.

Q. Do you do repairs for others?
A: While this is a hobby for me, I do take on some repairs as my time allows. Be aware that while most parts are inexpensive, restoring an old radio is very labor-intensive. Contact me via email

Q: Do you buy old radios?
A: Sometimes. If you have a tube radio that is in nice condition, I may be interested. Contact me via email

Q: Do you sell old radios?
A: Not usually. If you're looking for a particular radio, the best places to look are eBay and Radio Attic.